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10th Anniversary Giveaway - English Guide napisał: QuePasa^, 25.10.2015 o godzinie 12:09

Hey folks! It's been quite a while since we started this community back in 2005. Today we are celebrating our 10th anniversary and, together with our partners, we have prepared a giveway with some awesome prizes!


Take your chances and try to win one of the prizes we have selected for this giveway. You have the time to join it until the end of this month. We wish you all good luck! Here are the prizes:

1. Star Wars Battlefront PRE-ORDER Origin CD Key
2. ★ Huntsman Knife | Urban Masked (Field-Tested) + 12-slot 128 tick CS:GO server for 30 days
3. 1stCav eSport Club gadget pack


Star Wars Battlefront is the title that everyone is waiting for. Although the game is not yet released, we can already say that this is going to be a hit! Whoever played the Open Beta version saw how beautiful this game is in terms of its graphic design and audio! Also note that this is a pre-order key, so the winner will receive the prize immediately after game will be published on the 19th of November.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is currently one of the most played games worldwide. In our giveaway you can win a rare item to use in-game: ★ Huntsman Knife | Urban Masked (Field-Tested) . Also, the winner will reveive their own 12-slot CS:GO sever for 30 days.

Lasty, the gadget pack contains of our t-shirt, mug and lanyard.

Join here: 1stCav eSport Club - 10 lecie

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